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Life Pro Tip: Use Emoji in Calendar Events

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Oh, hi internet, I’ve discovered something that I need to show you—emoji in calendar events. Here’s what it looks like.

A calendar with emoji in calendar events

I was sold on this idea from the second I tried it, but just in case you think this just a silly joke, here are some reasons why using emoji in events is genuinely useful.

Skimmability 📖

As our lives have become more dependent on digital calendars, our calendars have increasingly become a hot mess. If you’re trying to locate an event in a busy user interface, it’s far easier to spot a symbol than it is to find a specific word. For example, see how fast you can find the soccer practice ⚽ in the calendar below.

Space savings 🗄️

There are times when you need to view your calendar in a limited amount of space, such as on a phone. By using emoji, you can fit a lot of meaning in a limited space. And, if use that emoji as a prefix, you ensure you can recognize events no matter how truncated the name gets.

What if you’re adding an event that doesn’t have a clear emoji to associate with? Make one up! The point of using emoji is to make your calendar more readable, and you can accomplish that with an emoji that doesn’t make any sense.

Get started 📆

So what are you waiting for? Start adding emoji to your calendars today! 🙌🏻